PPT (Cupping)

History Of Pneumatic Pulsation Treatment (PPT) 

The ancient cupping method is the origin of PPT. Stefan Deny, the inventor of the PPT, aimed at improving this ancient healing technique. He developed a new machine that not only had vacuum in the cups, but also a pulsation effect to mobilize the tissue that PPT is applied. He discovered that tissue vibrates at approximately 200 pulsations per minute. By stimulating the lymph system and the blood circulation, metabolic activity is also stimulated and this speeds up detoxification and healing.

PPT is an effective natural treatment method in NaturMed, without side effects and applied in combination with other detoxification applications.

Benefits of PPT 

Pneumatic pulsation therapy improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymph flow, which has a supports detoxification and bolsters the immune system. This is achieved through the pulsing interaction of negative pressure and atmospheric pressure which causes tissue to vibrate. The cells are activated by an increase in capillary blood volume and the resulting increase in oxygen. The treatment penetrates far into the tissue, deeply relaxing the muscles, especially around the tendons, in a way that is hard to achieve using manual techniques.