Fall Detox Cleanse

14  Jul 2018

Rebuild and Refresh your Body & Mind in preparation for winter

Our bodies need a remedy to cope with the seasonal weather changes to avoid cold, mood swings, depression, weight gain, allergy, headache, pain, musculuskeletal disorders and other chronic diseases. Natur-Med Rejuvenation Program helps you comfortably adopt to the coming season easily. As fall approaches and the air begins to cool, a greater load is placed on the body to adjust to the temperature drop. A detox program at Natur-Med may be just the remedy to help you cope with this annual transition.

Natur-Med cleansing program through mild exercises like forest and beach walk, yoga, natural hot mineral spring bathing, sweating, detoxification diet, colon hydrotherapy, massages, ozone therapy under the supervision of our medical doctors and health team helps you eliminate unwanted toxins, pounds and negative emotions from your body and improve your health and energy.

Optimize your health through the Natur-Med Body and Mind Rejuvenation & Cleansing Program. Natur-Med Rejuvenation Program will help to freshen, cleanse and rebuild your body.  

Natur-Med fall cleansing will set up your body & mind for the year ahead.

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