What is Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is the art of healing, concentrating not only on the physical aspects of the human body, but also on human mind and spirit. Holistic medicine opposes the mechanistic view of the human organism and the resulting engineering and biomedical approach to health. It concentrates on the whole person, through analysing the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle aspects, rather than concentrating only on human body. The interplay between the mind and the body constitutes an important area of analysis in holistic medicine. 

Preventing disease and preserving health is holistic medicine’s priority. Natural means are used in preserving health and treating illness. Disease is regarded as physical, emotional, social and environmental imbalance. When these factors are brought into balance, healing takes place naturally without any medical intervention. 

Holistic medicine focuses on education and responsibility for personal efforts to achieve balance and well being. Therefore the role of the doctor and health practitioner is to guide and teach the person healthy habits to provide a healthy lifestyle change. 

Natur-Med’s main concern is to provide the natural environment, natural resources and consultancy to help people change their unhealthy lifestyles.