Dr. Yasar Yilmaz

  Dr.Yasar Yilmaz MD Biography

Dr. Yaşar Yilmaz graduated from Medical School in 1978. He completed his residency at Muenster University Hospital Detmold, Germany with a degree in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. He held the position of staff anesthesiologist and chief operating doctor at Mersin State Hospital, Turkey while managing a private practice in pain management therapies and acupuncture.

He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain treatments and acupuncture at Vienna University and the Acupuncture Institute of Austria. He pursued further studies in Germany at Witten University and the Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Konigsten.

He began his studies in the therapeutic use of thermal water and hydrotherapy after his decision to specialise in Naturopathic, Holistic/Complementary Medicine and Rejuvenation Therapies. He studied Integrative Medicine in Austria International Holistic Medicine Academy. Combining the best in complementary and conventional medicine, Dr. Yilmaz  opened NaturMed Hot Springs and Health Resort in Kusadasi, Turkey in 2001. NaturMed applies cleansing and detoxifying therapies that incorporate the unique properties of the thermal springs along with a number of natural therapies in accordance with a holistic approach to medicine and healing.

The applications of NaturMed are supervised on a scientific basis by NaturMed Scientific Advisory Board.

NaturMed is a multi-faceted facility embracing balneotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, ozone therapy, yoga, TCM, manual therapies, magnetic field therapy, infrared medical sauna, exercise programms, healthy nutrition programms, mud treatment, ultrasound, honey massage and a number of other natural treatments applied in rejuvenation, anti-aging, anti-stresss, weight-loss, pain relief, quit-smoking programs all within a pristine natural environment surrounded by mountains, natural hot springs and the Aegean sea.

Through Natural Healthcare and Preventive Medicine practises, Dr. Yilmaz has been bringing health and healing to many people at NaturMed and is a recognised authority in the field of detox & rejuvenation therapies in Turkey. He recently established the Nature & Health Foundation to provide national and international support to the development of Holistic Medicine education and natural therapies. He has articles and a book published in Turkey and Germany. His Turkish book “ Arinma Kitabi” (Detox Book) is published in Turkey.

Contact Dr.Yasar Yilmaz,M.D: info@natur-med.com.tr