Balneological Appraisal by Istanbul University


BY PROF.DR M.ZEKİ KARAGÜLLE/Chair of the Department of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimathology-Medical Faculty of Istanbul University


BALNEOLOGICAL APPLICATIONSAs thermal mineral water (output temperature 41ºC; mineral value 5 g/Liter.) it is crucial in curing:

  • Arthrose (calcifying)
  • Back pain, discalhernia and HVS syndrome
  • Chronic rheumatism - Fibromyalgia, Fibroses, Fibromyosites
  • Inflammatory and Non-inflammatory rheumatism
  • Muscle tensions - Neck and shoulder pains

As salty water (3g/Ltr. NaCl) it is crucial in curing:

  • Acne Vulgaris - A topic Dermatitis (Neuroderimitis)
  • Eczema with infection - Psoriasis

As cohlendioxid water (over 500 mg/Liter.) it is crucial in curing:

  • Arterial hypertonia (WHO level 1 and 2)
  • Chronic venous insufficiencies
  • Functional artery blood flow interferences
  • Heart cycle disturbances caused by neuro-vegetative and psychosomatic
  • Peripheral artery blockings
  • Venous ulcerations, interference-related Skin ulcerations.


As salty water (approximately 3 g/Liter. NaCl) it is crucial in curing:

  • Fluid and electrolyte deficit due to age.
  • Diabetes and gout progresses (as supplementary therapy)
  • Functional stomach and small intestine illnesses (gastritis, acid, blowing)
  • Loss of appetite- Orthostatic cycle regularization disturbances

As water with bicarbonate (1435 mg/Liter. H2CO3) it is crucial in curing:

  • Chronic urinary passage Infections (except E.Coli) (supplementary therapies).
  • Chronically repeated Stomach ulcers (supplementary therapies)
  • Diabetes, e.g. inclination to the acidosis (supplementary therapies)
  • Disturbances of the Uric-acid Metabolism (e.g. gout) (supplementary therapies)
  • Functional stomach and intestine illnesses
  • Prophylaxis and subsequent treatment of urate, Cystic and calcium oxalate stones (status after Lithotripsy)
  • Upset stomachs

As water with iodine(1.2 mg/liter *) it is crucial in curing:

  • Chronic degenerative and traumatic joint stiffness.
  • Degenerative eye diseases, corpus vitreum bleedings (supplementary therapy)
  • Essential hypertonia, particularly if it stems from atherosclerotic cases
  • Lack of iodine, e.g. lack of iodine goiter (supplementary therapy)

As water with fluorine (1.8 mg/Liter. F) it cures:

  • Cariesprophylax with children and teenagers; with pregnant women and adults (supplementary therapy)
  • Lack of fluorine nutrition