Balneological Appraisal by Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht,MD Hecht
Professor of Neurophysiology and experimental and clinical Pathophysiology (sleep, stress, environment, chronic, and space travel medicine)
Charite Humboldt University, Berlin/Germany

NATUR-MED-DAVUTLAR: One outstanding oasis for those who love the nature

As an 80 year old physician with 50 years theoretical and practical medical experience, I can say without exaggeration and full conviction that the environment at Natur-Med can rarely be found on our planet. Natur-Med, with its natural resources, offers an outstanding variety of treatments for chronic illnesses, as well as an effective treatment for sleep disorders. Natur-Med offers everything one might need for mental and physical well-being.

Located on the Aegean coast, far from the motorway and the industry, Natur-Med has more than 273 sunny days in a year, a mild climate, agricultural fields with olive trees and ecologically pure meadows. The hot springs with therapeutic effects that can hardly be found anywhere else composes the soul of Natur-Med.

I would like to stress the mineral structure of this valuable water. It has a high rate of magnesium and bromine that represent a natural soporific/sleeping pill effect when bathing is combined with drinking cures. Particularly, the high content of silicon dioxide (monomers silicic acid) of 84 mg/l proves this thermal water extremely valuable. Silicon dioxide can cure skin diseases such as Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, Neurodermitis, acne and eczema. Silicon is also called by connoisseurs as the “rejuvenation mineral", because it is able to prevent the biological aging process and the formation of wrinkles. Additionally, Natur-Med provides an excellent combination of treatments for those who have high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, functional blood circulation disturbances, allergies or neurovegetative and immunological disturbances. To make the healing process sound, I would suggest those people to spend at least 3-4 weeks at Natur-Med.

The content of bicarbonate of the thermal water (1735 mg/l) is perfect against functional and nervous disorders. The high content of iodine can heal goiter well. A well balanced diet, exercises under the guidance of professionals and physiotherapies combined with the warmth, friendliness and helpfulness of Natur-Med personnel are further substantial factors for perfect health. The concept stated above is also the perfect atmosphere for a sleep center.

Natur-Med-Davutlar is an outstanding oasis for those who love the nature and value their well-being as well as for those who need rest, healing and health.