Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s explore NaturMed through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This information note has been specially prepared for our English-speaking guests as a handy inclusive document for easy and quick access to NaturMed, its premises and operations.

It is based on many of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) our English-speaking guests have indicated they would like to have in one brief but also comprehensive document. In a sense, this aims to supply brief answers to FAQs that have come to our attention.  

Undoubtedly, there are and will be many other questions. As they come to our attention, we will update this document. If anything is not clear and you need clarification or more information, please let us know as soon as you notice them so that they can be addressed as early as feasible.

In other words… Help us to Help You Better


CHECK-IN: First  “Order of Business” after your arrival is Check-In at the Reception, where you will be welcomed by our multi-lingual staff and shown to your assigned room. Check-in is at 14:00 hours. Identification is required at check in.

Q. What happens if I arrive earlier?

A. We try to be as accommodating as possible. If your room is ready, you could move in. Otherwise, you leave your luggage and relax at NaturMed premises until the room is ready.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Your room should be as booked in one of two buildings: the garden or the main building. They are separate but close to each other. The rooms and the bathroom areas are cleaned twice a week. The housekeeping staff are attentive to your desires on when not to be disturbed or when you feel the room should be cleaned.

Towels and sheet are changed . If you have any special needs, please let us know. You may wish to join our energy saving efforts in using towels more than just once. Please do not take room towels to the pool area. There are special towels for pools, sauna, Turkish bath at locations.

There are no televisions in guest rooms. 

Q. Is there a laundry service?

A. Yes. See the chambermaids. They will give you a plastic bag to put your laundry to be cleaned. They are normally returned within two days. Such service is with payment.

ORIENTATION: It is important and useful that you are fully aware of what Natur-Med offers as soon as possible. Only through early orientation can you acquire full benefit from NaturMed’s offerings. 

After check in formalities and settling in your room, a staff member will take you on an orientation tour of the premises. Please ask any and all questions you have at this time.

Various NaturMed units are detached from one another, but all are close to each other. Mainly they consist of living accommodations, restaurant, therapy centre, fitness room, yoga/pilates room, various pools, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room and the garden area.

It would be better if you familiarise yourself with NaturMed compound as soon as possible after check in. 

DOCTOR CONSULTATION: After orientation, guests lodging at NaturMed are entitled to consultation with the NaturMed doctor. The consultation, set up by the Reception, reviews the guest’s health history and records and establishes the treatments the patients are advised to take during their stay.

Q. Do I need to bring any medical records for consultation with the doctor?

A. If you have them, yes. Your consultation can only be successful if your medical history is clearly explained to the doctor for him to recommend therapies you may need during your stay at Natur-Med.

TREATMENTS AND THERAPIES: NaturMed is noted for its state-of-the-art treatment facilities and synergy among various treatments. After doctor’s consultation, a Treatment Programme will be given to each guest by Reception with days and hours clearly indicated.

It is vital that you keep the appointments, arriving 5 minutes before the appointment. Appointments not kept without valid reason and justification are subject to charges.

ACTIVITIES: NaturMed stands unique in offering organised programmes ideally suited for detoxing and other health issues. Each activity supports another in our holistic approach in helping you to become the manager of your healthcare and wellbeing.

Q.  How often do you change pool water?

A.  Every day for a total of 300 tonnes of water. During the day, it is refreshed once. Even the cold water pool is from spring water. The cold water pool is cleaned with ozone, not chlorine.

Q. Are there private pools?

A. Yes, there are private family pools for those requiring such pools.

Daily Main activities, subject to change, include (they are optional but highly recommended):

06:45 Wake-up call (The time is subject to change according to  season and other circumstances)

07:00. Guided walk in the forest above Natur-Med for about 60-75 minutes. Some days the walks take place at a nearby National Park or at a sandy beach in Davutlar.

07:30-09:00 Relaxing in the pool and resting.

09:00-09:15 Traditional Poolside Chat by Dr. Yasar Yilmaz on an aspect of health, followed by breathing exercise. The talks are in Turkish with simultaneous English interpretation whenever available and particularly for large groups. In the absence of interpretation, English-speaking international guests are offered written highlights.

08:30-11:00 Breakfast

08:00-18:00 Individual therapies take place throughout the day. Consult your programme and check for late changes at the Reception Desk.

12:00-13:00 Yoga/pilates session at noon (except Sundays). Yoga&Pilates sessions are included in the intensive package. Please be there five minutes before its start. At the Yoga/Pilates Room , Treatment Centre.   

12:00-16:00 Forest Bathing (twice a week) 

16:00-16:15 Supervised aqua-gym at the designated pool.

For those interested, you can also choose a film from our wide selection to be shown at the Conference Room after dinner when the room is not in use otherwise.

RESTAURANT: There is one main restaurant –at a closed area during colder weather and an open one during warmer periods.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner hours are indicated at the restaurant. But, in the absence of changes that may be necessary, they are…

Breakfast: 09:00 to 10:30, Lunch 13:00 to 14:00 and Dinner 19:00 to 20:00. Meals are taken in a buffet style with separate areas for Detox Diet and Standard diet. Please follow instructions posted in the dining room on suggestions on eating. Please do not bring in food or beverages to Nature- Med from outside.

Dress code calls for informal attire during meals, but not in bathrobes and bathing suits.

Q. How is food at NaturMed?

A. In one word HEALTHY. While many guests find it palatable and tasty, expect no kebabs, koftes and other dishes, traditional Turkish or not, that run counter to detoxing or even standard diet at NaturMed. No baklava or kadayif sweets.

Instead all food are basically vegetarian adn vegan for those on the detox diet keeping away from animal products such as cheese, eggs and yoghurt available in the standard diet.

Guests on our Detox Diet are served special juices at certain times through the day.

You are also asked to abstain from speaking loudly in the restaurants and not linger on after your meal is over. Once meals are over, conversations can be carried on at different sites such as the TV and Reading Room, at the sitting area near the Reception and, best of all, outdoors.

Q. I have an allergy to certain food products.

A. Please inform Reception so that Kitchen staff would be aware of the allergy and try to give you alternative food.

RECREATION AREAS: Our lush garden with its miscellany of flowers and fruit trees is yours to discover and enjoy. Indoors, on the first floor above the Reception in the Main Building, we have a TV and Reading Room for your use anytime during the day and evenings. Also on the same floor is the Conference Room for various lectures.

Q. What about Wi-Fi?

A. All rooms and Natur-Med premises offer free WIFI. You can access them anytime of the day after obtaining User Name and Password from the Front Office.

Q. How is the night life at NaturMed?

A. Very healthy! Basically, it’s Good Night!

After a long day in nature and busy with a miscellany of activities, you are probably ready for a rest, maybe for a short evening walk and then to go to bed. To bed early in order to get up early.

Q. Can I smoke at NaturMed?

A. NaturMed is smoke free, at both closed and open places. There is only one spot outside for smokers.

Q. Bar or drinks?

A. Alcoholic or sugar-based fizzy drinks are not served at NaturMed. Instead, we offer mineral water, fresh vegetable& fruit juices and herbal teas.

FRIENDSHIP: NaturMed is a relatively small and cozy establishment (58 rooms) devoid of mass tourism and stressful long lines for services. 

It is also friendly. Some consider it their second home or home away from home. Lasting friendships can be formed at NaturMed. Its pools, restaurants, juice bars and garden are ideal places for meeting other guests.

It is common that a table can have guests from different nationalities sharing ideas and experiences.

We also have a high fidelity rate. Many of our guests are “returnees” or “repeaters.” Some have been with us since our foundation.

LANGUAGE:  Naturally, NaturMed’s main operative language is Turkish, in line with most of its guests and staff. However, as we expand our international operations and welcome guests from many continents and countries, with other languages encouraged and practiced.

Chief among them is English, now the global lingua franca. Senior Management, Reception and Medical Staff are conversant in English. The rest of the staff is most anxious to learn and improve their English.

German and Russian is also spoken by Reception and Senior Management. If you speak in English to Household, Restaurant, Therapy, Pool and Transportation staff, it will be most helpful if you speak slowly and clearly for better comprehension.

In hopes of making your stay easier, we have prepared a handy reference of useful words and phrases in Turkish, attached as appendix to this information note.

TRANSPORTATION: For airport transfers, by NaturMed, offers service to and from the airport. It is important to book this service as early as possible.  We can also arrange transportation services to nearby sights such as the Kalamaki Dilek National Park (7 kilometers), the main nearby resort centre of Kusadasi  (17 kilometers) and historical landmarks such as the magnificent ruins of Ephesus, the House of Virgin Mary and the remains of the Basilica of St. John, all in or near the town of Selcuk some 30 miles from NaturMed.

If NaturMed transportation services are otherwise taken, guests can go to all the above sites by mini buses that come all the way up to the outside gate of NaturMed compound or take a taxi.

Please contact Reception for your transportation needs.

Q. Can I rent a car at NaturMed?

A. Reception can arrange for you to rent a car from Davutlar or Kusadasi.

Q. Do you book airline and bus tickets?

A. Unfortunately we have no such service. Reception could be helpful with information how they can be obtained.

NEIGHBOURHOOD:  NaturMed is in the town of Davutlar, between the Aegean Sea and the Samson Mountains. The location has been especially chosen for its abundance of clean air, plenty of oxygen and far removed from polluting industrial activity and hectic urban life.

Davutlar is a popular summer resort full of condominium housing near the beach, and also hosts large and wide beaches, one being Sevgi (Love) Beach. Davutlar contains shops, pharmacies and restaurants throughout the year.

To the south of Davutlar, six kilometers away, is Guzelcamli, another popular summer resort and just before the noted Kalamaki Dilek National Park, with its pristine beaches, mountains, plants and wildlife to explore. One can also take a day-long boat ride from Guzelcamli to discover the National Park by sea.

Some guests go to Kusadasi for shopping, including for souvenirs. This major town of the area has plenty of shops, cafes and eateries.

Q. Can I leave the NaturMed complex whenever I want?

A. Yes, of course. NaturMed is not a “closed” cure centre. Please inform Reception if you are going to come back after 22:00.

QUERIES: Do not hesitate to contact us for any and all queries you may have, either through contacting Reception in person or by telephone from your rooms (Dial 0 from your room). There is no direct dialing facility from rooms to outside.

Please note that Reception is staffed between 08:00 and 22:00 hours. Security staff remains on duty overnight. 

CHECK OUT: After a stay that we hope made you healthier and happier, checkout time is 12:00.

Q. Can I pay with my credit card?

A. Yes, major credits cards are accepted, except for American Express. 

Q. Can I get cash from an ATM? Where is the nearest point?

A. There are ATMs available in Davutlar, a 10 minute walk from NaturMed.