Fight osteoporosis through detoxification

31  Oct 2018

Fight osteoporosis through detoxification

You cannot reverse osteoporosis by consuming milk products or taking extra calcium alone. Regular cleansing cures are the key for strong and healthy bones. 

There are toxinsin the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Additionally, lack of movement and daily stress contribute to the excess acid formation in our bodies. 

A number of detoxification procedures applied in Natur-Med helps cleanse your body of toxins and excess acid, by means of which your body becomes able to absorb the alkaline minerals involved in bone formation:


Forest walk, yoga, pilates, rebounding, fitness center, water gym are important components of Natur-Med rejuvenation program. Personal pilates and yoga training is also available. 

Alkaline Nutrition: 

The following Natur-Med nutritional features provide the acid-alkaline balance in your body: 

Mediterranean cuisine with limited animal products. 
Locally grown raw vegetables, fresh vegetable juices and herbal teas.  
No processed food that is high in salt, sugar and preservatives.
Whole grains and complex carbohydrates instead of simple sugars and carbohydrates. 

Natur-Med Hot Mineral Springs 

Natur-Med hot spring water contains 30 different alkaline minerals. Along with the therapeutic properties of magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, bromine, iodine -most of which have a key role in bone formation- Natur-Med hot spring water is distinctive with its high content of silicon dioxide,which is recognized as a rejuvenationmineral and is important for cleansing the body of heavy metals, as well as providing the optimum environment for alkaline minerals to be absorbed.  

Additional Therapies

Complementary applications like oxygen ozone therapy, colon hydrotherapy, massages, vacuum therapy, pressotherapy, magnetic field therapy, vitamin & mineral therapies, Turkish Bath and saunas all contribute to cleansing the body, bolstering the immunity and vital functions through which bone health is provided as well.  

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