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19  Feb 2016


Land of Lights interviews Dr. Yasar Yilmaz, founder and head of Natur-Med, a hot springs and health resort in the Aegean Region and named in ‘Top 10 health retreats wordwide’ for its unique holistic and integrated detox programme.

LoL: In brief, what is detox and what is its use?

YY: In this modern and highly polluted times, poisons make their way into our body due to air and noise pollution, improper eating habits, lack of exercise and unhealthy life-styles that are the root causes of many of our illnesses.  

These toxins decay the body and the mind. We need to expel these poisons –not by taking pills that often makes us worse, but through means offered by Mother Nature. Such as, breathing clean air in wooded areas or the sea; exercise such as walking on land or in spring water pools; proper eating habits stressing fresh fruits and vegetables at the expense of animal products and, among many others, a life-style free from intoxicating tobacco and alcohol.

A detoxed body and mind can ward off many illnesses.

LoL: What is the difference between Natur-Med from other hot spring spas?

YY: First of all, let me say how proud we are to be in the Top 10 of such establishments in the world by Foxnews. It is a rare honour indeed.

I think this is also due to our vision and mission being distinctly different from traditional spas. Others lack holistic and integrated philosophy and practice.  They mainly offer hot spring water, mud treatment, sauna, Turkish bath or massage –but also load you with elaborate fattening buffet meals that nullify whatever benefits you may have acquired. Our buffet is mostly vegetarian and we offer no sugary desserts or fizzy drinks. Ours offer fruit and vegetable and juices from locally grown products as well as juice from the highly-touted wheat grass grown organically in our compound.

Unlike others, ours is an integrated cleansing with guided programmes.  We have early morning walks in the forest, yoga/pilates sessions, supervised aqua gym exercises in the mineral rich spring water, breathing-meditation sessions, health lectures and creative pottery lessons with clay.

Our additional therapies, one supporting the other, include state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy, ozone oxygen therapy, magnetic treatment and various massages, in addition to traditional sauna, Turkish bath and a pollution-free lush green garden environment.

We believe prevention is more important that cure. If we detox ourselves and remain so, our body and mind will be strong to fight off many illnesses.  With detoxing, we open the gates of our “Pharmacy Within,” allowing our own substances, often suppressed by toxins, to come into play.

We advocate and practice the belief that the best doctor is not the one who says I will cure you, but one who says I will teach you how to cure yourself.

LoL: How and why you found Natur-Med?

YY: Early in 2000, I looked for months and months for a suitable location that had good weather, clean air combined the advantages of forest and sea environment –plus had the most valuable natural hot spring water. Davutlar, near Kusadasi and Ephesus, met all my requirements.  

After all, it was in this very Aegean Region that the first cure centre was established by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago.

In my search I particularly looked for a place abundant with oxygen-rich trees. Luckily, here we are at the edge of Samson Mountains and also a few kilometers from the Kalamaki Dilek National Park and the Aegean Sea. 

I see no point in having cure centres next to highways or in cities.

LoL: Does Natur-Med have international dimension and, if so, what is it?

YY: While we are very much a Turkish concern, we also have international roots. I, myself, practiced many years in Germany and also Austria. It was there that I became aware of holistic approach to health and eventually decided to detach myself from conventional medicine that stresses  excessive and needless medication for any and all reasons that, actually, often could make us worse.  

In this holistic approach, I was heavily influenced by German Prof. Karl Hecht, my mentor and a global pioneer of holistic approach and integrated natural cures. He still honours us with his visits to expound his wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as joining us in our programmes. He is over 92 years of age.

Over the years, we have expanded our international operations and draw guests from Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia.  

We are also pleased with increased interest and participation by the ex-pat community in Turkey, including from the Mugla and Antalya provinces, especially from Fethiye.

Ours is also a cozy and friendly environment (we have only 60 rooms) conducive for guests from different nationalities to socialise and form friendships easily. We have high fidelity rate, many guests often returning with some of them since our beginning 15 years ago.


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